Posted by: jennyvidler | January 24, 2013

Housewives DO NOT take sick days….EVER.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never have a free sick day: a day where all I ever have to worry about is sleeping and occasionally taking a quick break from sleeping to dose up on meds or get some nourishment.

No. Once you’ve become a housewife, you have no singular problems. You have multitask-able problems. You learn to be sick and do the things that are expected of you the best you can under the circumstances.

Sadly, I started getting ill Saturday morning. Worked al day Saturday and Sunday morning feeling like death. Then finally I went to the surgery Monday morning to see what was wrong with me. Nothing that antibiotics could fix, but I still felt dreadful enough to call in sick at work Monday afternoon. 

But even without an ACTUAL going-out-of-the-house job to worry about, I still found myself being the caretaker of my household and still working my housewife duties as normal.

Through having a swollen throat(to the point of having difficulty breathing), stuffy/running nose, cold sores, watering eyes, sneezing, persistent coughing, drowsiness from heavy medication, and to top it all of, period pains…..I have been:

1. Doing my fair share of dishes.

2. Cleaning up broken china from one of said dishes that had been dropped and broken because of my sheer half-assery of doing dishes while highly medicated.

3. Feeding/taking care of our 4 month old Kitten…including cleaning out it’s litter box, picking up after it, and cleaning up it’s puke after it had a little upset stomach, twice (which I’m beginning to realize this is how it’s going to be when I’m sick and have children to take care of).

4. Going to the supermarket, in the snow, to pick up highly needed items because the husband was at work and wouldn’t get home until after the shops shut.

5. (I’ve been…)Expected to make appearances in places because the hubby merely wants me there and doesn’t stop to think it’d be better for me to be at home resting than to make HIM feel better by being around him.

6. (I’ve been…) Asked to cook pancakes, because I’m the only one who knows how to make decent American style pancakes.

7. Doing my fair share of laundry.

8. And my personal favourite, and my reason for this blog(the thing I was doing when I came up with this little epiphany) ….Being the phantom shirt ironer.


This is the face of a girl who is sick, feels and looks like utter shite and continues to iron her husband’s work uniform because this is the way it is = not happy, but soldiering on.

When I was in college, being sick meant a friend would come over, bring you some DVDs and OJ, and sit there talking with you making sure you were okay and if you needed anything. I didn’t have to worry about anything but getting better and someone would always be there to help take care of me.

But now those days are over. As a housewife, i sympathize with all the other housewives/mums that have to still carry on with their day to day lives as best they can when they’re sick because their husbands/children don’t realize that being sick means someone gets to look after YOU for a change.

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